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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hoop happy

Last Saturday I took my first hoop session. I was nervous...it's been a while since I flung a hula hoop around my hips when I was a young bride (see photo circa 1992). Images of the hoop slipping down to my feet and me in a fit of consternation flitted through my mind.

Dance hooping, or whatever it's called now as it's a fitness fad, was so unlike hula hooping that it inspired all sorts of confidence in me.  The hoops are large and weighted and really easy to keep up on your hips. After 30 minutes of pretty constant hooping, I felt light and energized.

It's a great core work out and most importantly, it's one exercise drill that keeps your smile muscles engaged. You can also add levels of difficulty by learning tricks. Some people even dance with fire hoops. I'll be happy to add chewing gum and hooping!

My resolution this year was to add more joy to my life, and after another session this weekend, perhaps I will be hooked enough to add a custom built hoop?

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