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Friday, May 11, 2012

Manifesting flight

I have always loved flying. During the night, I fly exhilaratingly solo over gorgeous dreamscapes. As a child I flew only once with my family (with six kids, taking the station wagon was the most economical way to travel) and I recall it being the most sophisticated thing I had ever done or probably will ever do.

In sixth grade I read about young adults learning to fly gliders and immediately felt the possibilities. Not for myself, of course! My parents didn’t approve of lessons outside of public school, and I felt lucky to have a bike.

The possibilities I felt were that young people somewhere were considered qualified enough to pilot a plane. Pilots weren’t just ex-army men; practically anyone can learn to fly. I was thrilled for those lucky people.

As I got older, I doubted my ability to pass flight school as I never took physics or did well in math. My chance for a career in flying was to become a stewardess. I looked into it, but my severe nearsightedness took me out of the running for that glamorous job.

So, unlike many people, I happily anticipate being airborne. My dreams even became real one afternoon when I experienced my first astral flight.

From a slightly meditative state, really just day dreaming, I suddenly sensed myself moving through the air in the woods by our home, a trailer in the middle of cow field on my mother-in-law’s farm.

I knew exactly where I was, and hovering just 10 or so feet above it, I saw the body of her missing dog that we had been searching for over the past two days. Poor Bear’s mouth was foamy; it looked as if he had gotten into something poisonous. I returned to my body feeling a bit unnerved but we were able to retrieve Bear to bury him.

Luckily for me, my then husband’s father was a paranormal psychologist, so his family didn’t consider astral flight to be all that unusual (or me to be a whack-job). In fact, my MIL was a bit blasé about my experience.

I thought it was incredibly exciting and pure elegance…but not something everyone would understand. I later studied remote viewing and had other experiences of being in two places at one time, but nothing as dramatic as my flight to find Bear.

In a couple of weeks, my family and I will be taking a joy ride in a small plane. This is a flight I manifested after hearing about this particular local service. About a month ago, I focused my thoughts on having such an experience, and just yesterday a woman I know asked me if I’d like to take a free flight that she couldn’t make.

I’m extremely grateful and really excited about this upcoming adventure, which will be my first in a small aircraft. I’ll post photos and maybe pose at the controls…I may never become a pilot, but I sure know how to fly. 

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