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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A glimmer of Akashic guidance

I’ve not yet delved into the Aksahic records (at least knowingly) and really want to explore them more. So I was thrilled on Monday to have a chance for Rane Newlynn to answer one question which she did very quickly with much focus and love.

My question was about narrowing down my intuitive studies and directing my energy more into one metaphysical field. There really is no distinction between the readings I do with three colours or the lottery or tarot or the conversations I have with animals or spirit…my answer from the Akashic record keepers was that I’m laying my foundation at the present time. I got the sense that it’s too early to pick a psychic specialty.

Later that day, I drew a card from the Wildwood deck for its take on that answer. I drew the Four of Arrows: Rest. Go within. Reflect.

That makes complete sense to me, especially during this particular month and for all people: Let’s not start anything new, let’s firm up our foundation. Enjoy the process. This wasn’t meant to be a political statement, but since Election Day was yesterday, I’d add that this advice also appears pertinent to our country.

Rane is a real sweetie and offers free answers to questions from the Akashic records here. Just send your question by clicking on the “Add Comments” button.


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