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Monday, November 5, 2012

Message from Mitzie


It’s exciting to see a reference in a book I’m reading to another book I just read. “The Power of Your Other Hand” by Lucia Capacchione, focuses on how writing with your non-dominant hand opens up parts of you that were suppressed for years. It is a way to  converse therapeutically with your inner child.

My interest in writing with my left hand is to see if I can better access spiritual guides. The animal communicator interviewed in my current read (“Communicating with Animals” by Arthur Myers) praised Lucia’s book and writing with her left hand to get in touch with animals. While reading her account last night, I suddenly had a picture of a small, white beast that looked either like a lamb or a toy poodle…or a curly haired cat!

I also heard the name “Mitzie.” As I was beginning to nod off, I waited until this morning to ask in my left-handed journal, “Who is Mitzie?”

Prior to using my left hand to access metaphysical messages, my right hand would wait for ages while I scribbled loops, hoping some automatic writing would flow. Today, I didn’t have to wait a beat to get my introduction from Mitzie. She is my animal guide, a white toy poodle who is, in her words, “pretty, pretty, pretty!” and who embodies (as much as a spirit can embody something) the kind of communication best exchanged by humans and animals. It is marked by “kindness, respect, charm, grace.”

It was lovely to hear from Mitzie and a bit of a surprise as I prefer Standard poodles rather than the toy variety. No matter; I’m eager to work with her as I learn more about communicating with animals, whatever the species.

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