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Friday, November 9, 2012

Universal nudges


I always look for coincidences. I probably place too much emphasis on them but when I pay attention to something that becomes evident to me in more ways than one, I’m always steered down some interesting paths.

Is it because I’m pulling information intuitively from the collective unconsciousness? Like the choice of yesterday’s post of a kitty scratching deck. I thought it was sweet and silly, and it made me smile. Barely ten minutes after posting it, I arrived at an event where a DJ provided the entertainment (he was not as cute as the kitty but that would be asking too much).

Coincidences are nudges that cannot be ignored. One of the most telling ones happened to me on the day I moved in with my newly engaged, first husband-to-be. As I was pulling boxes out of the car trunk, I noticed that the diamond had fallen out of my engagement ring. I was devastated. I immediately saw the significance of this occurrence but didn’t want to face the meaning as it meant turning my world upside down. I was afraid of breaking my promise to marry him, afraid of being alone, even though the marriage eventually lasted only two years.

The stone turned up in the trunk and I got it fixed. It stayed in its setting but shortly after I left him, I had to get the ring cut off my swollen finger when a wasp stung my hand. I never got it repaired as it was pretty clear this ring was jinxed!

I still have it, and it sits in a small bag along with my first wedding ring that also lost a ruby (both were estate sale rings, so perhaps they weren't in the best shape to begin with).  What stories do these rings have to tell?

I wonder if I should do psychometric readings on them some day, maybe ask some other intuitive to do it and see what images they receive. Perhaps that will make a good future post…right now I’m a bit too close to the memory of seeing an empty setting and recognizing that this vast, loving universe nudged me fair and square and I chose to brush it off.

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