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Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Yule to You~

The shortest day of the year has always appeared to me to be about the future. Looking ahead to sunnier days, the regrowth and rebirth of Spring, shedding the aches of the past for potentially better days to come.

I  love this John Schaar quote because it's not just about looking ahead...it reminds me that I'm actively creating the future through choices, through the decisions I make as I bushwhack my way through the unknown.  Yuletide provides the bright lights needed to envision a new path from the old, cold road I'm on. Creating the future changes me as I absorb new concepts and in implementing them, more joy fires me up!

I know that once I'm excited about where I'm going, the destination is so much closer and real. Meditating on this vision, I see myself aglow in light, full of strength and light of foot. As the sun sets early today, I imagine my body rested, healthy and anticipating the return of longer days and wonderful things.

May the Yuletide bring you warm days full of good friends, loving family and meaningful conversations as you create your future paths.

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