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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolved: More animal talk in 2013

Although I gained about 10 lbs since Thanksgiving, weight loss is not #1 on my New Year’s Resolutions List.  That was so 2012.

Talking to a few people at an intuition-friendly party this afternoon about resolutions, I was asked about mine from a woman who claimed hers was going to be easy this year. “I’m going to be grateful for something everyday in my life.”

That is a wonderful resolution. I thought, “I’m grateful I don’t have 15 lbs to lose…” but I didn’t verbalize that as my goal. I announced that I was going to practice intuition every day. Especially animal communication. As I said this, I was a little surprised, and proud that I didn’t resolve out loud to restrict my diet or exercise to extremes to feel less stressed about my waistline.

A woman sitting next to me immediately pulled up photos of her cats on her iPhone and asked me to check in with them.  As I gave her my first impressions, and she confirmed them, I felt grateful for her giving me the chance to practice. I also felt more confident…and less like heading over to the buffet table and reloading my plate with goodies.

I wanted to do more! I guess I’ll just have to spread the word and see who else keeps phone pix of their pets handy for a bit of on-the-spot intuition. I’ll continue to communicate with the dogs I work with at the shelter, and even try to reach out to the wild animals in my environment…the squirrels, birds and the occasional nocturnal creature I come across in the parking garage.

Getting more proficient and confident with my animal communication skills is my resolution…along the way, I’ll be walking, biking, hooping and juggling more, and since the holiday season has passed, eating lighter meals.

Okay…I admit, I have two resolutions and I can see how one supports the other. Feeling confident and expressing my purpose on a daily basis will keep me from emotional eating. When I want to answer the call of the candy bar, I will meditate instead, or juggle or hoop until the feeling passes. To reinforce this behavior, I imagine myself doing this...and being grateful every day.

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