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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happiness is being spontaneously available to your spirit.

I'm not sure who said it, but I've used the quote above as a touchstone for working through difficult times. The last year has been tumultuous and one of the ways I've found peace is to acknowledge and strengthen my intutitive and creative life.

Having space and time to be creative at work is an important ideal to me. It’s the idea that one can practice authenticity and have space for being “spontaneously available to your spirit” while still performing your tasks.

How does this space occur? While living in the moment, while appreciating being connected to your project or customer or team. Listen more to those around you and to what your work at hand has “to say”...that is, be encouraged to listen to your intuition. You will notice more. And if you notice something you like, give others affirmations. Then be kind to yourself. Give yourself downtime to walk, stretch, gaze beyond your window...not so much to daydream, but to see what is really there.

If your job is physical, take time to breathe deeply and completely. Empty and fill your lungs fully for instant energy.

Today I will find something, however small, to appreciate about the place I'm in.

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