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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Body perception and eating intuitively

I enjoy reading the New York Times Well blog, especially when the focus is on healthy eating and weight issues. Yesterday, they cited a study on denial and weight perception. I lost 40 lbs over the last year and up until a few months ago kept considering myself much heavier than I am. A friend gave me a top she thought would look great on me, but when I saw that the label read small, I said "Oh, that will never fit me." To my surprise, the top fit perfectly.

I got to my weight goal by the end of last year and I am managing it by keeping a food and activity journal. I weigh myself every morning so I'll know when I'm putting on a couple of pounds. When I'm up, I don't get discouraged. I eat more sensibly that day and increase my activity level. I'm doing this because of my yo-yo dieting history-- writing it down really makes me think before I eat. I'm trying to eat more intuitively by tuning into what my body needs and living more mindfully all around.

Intuitive eating means brewing that detox tea my husband brought home "just because" (and not because I ate beer and pizza the night before). It means eating more fruit and soups when I'm not feeling well, even when I crave comfort food. It's paying attention to the reasons I choose the food I consume.

I listen to my body intuitively and it will tell me what it needs.

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