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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gratitude for the art of bicycle maintenance

I’m awed by other women’s technical skill. It’s not something that comes naturally to me or to a lot of females my age. Today I took a class in bicycle maintenance at Mellow Johnny’s and the teacher was Danielle, a young woman I had met in March at a personal development workshop. It was great to see her again but even more cool to be the only person in her 6:30 class.

As I’m fairly clueless about the mechanics of my bike, she took her time in explaining the parts and helped me clean it in the process. What an eye-opener that was! What dirty rags we had by the end of the class! My once drab-grey bike was glowing, it rode so much quieter and I was also the proud owner of a clue or two about how to keep my bike in better condition.

When I first met Danielle, and she told me that she worked at this particular shop near my home, I knew that we’d be seeing each other again. Sometimes I get that intuitive feel for a person—you may too, when you first connect, that your paths will cross in the future but that thought will usually be pushed aside. Mostly it's a good feeling...rarely for me, it's a feeling of dread.

When it's good, it’s always a joy to see how people’s lives intersect. We exchanged cards (mine freshly handmade that morning) and hugged; I was so filled with gratitude for her de-gunking expertise that it felt like I was riding on a silver cloud as my bike and I were breezing home.  

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