I offer intuitive life question readings based on three colours you chose whilst thinking of your question...I never know what your question is unless you want me to know! If you are considering baby names for a child or even a pet, I conduct a blind reading on each name and give you my impressions on that baby's personality. Using found materials, I create unique collage art based on my impressions. Please contact me for pricing or if you have any questions: three.colours.question at gmail dot com.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Price point reading

Since I started my "Colours of Your Question" experiment, I've done a half dozen complimentary readings and custom collage art cards. I think I've gotten it down fairly well from a very time consuming endeavor to a process that I can complete in about 45 minutes.

People have found the readings to be "uncanny" and enjoy the art work. That makes me feel wonderful as this is a passion of mine, something I love to do.

That also makes me feel more like offering it as a service. But what do I charge? I've been advised that the price will vary as I feel it out...what people would pay and how much I'd want to be compensated. But I prefer to know right now!

So I did a reading on four different prices which ranged from "Free or donation based" to $75.00. Each price was written on a slip of paper which I folded, then picked at random. After I got an impression, I jotted down what I got, then opened the slip of paper to reveal the price.

Here are the impressions I got for each reading, in the order I read them...

1. Free/Donation based: "What was I thinking?!"
2. $75: "Will make people think, but not jump"
3. $45: "This is the perfect number"
4. $25: "Keep trying"

I'm not quite sure what "keep trying" means. Perhaps it means that if I charged $25 I'd feel like I'd have to keep trying to figure out the right price...it seems to me like an affordable price point, but still less than I'd like to make considering the time it takes me to do the reading/art work.

So, it looks to me that $45 is at least a good place to start. Like I was advised, it may go up or down, but right now I feel comfortable with that number.

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