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Friday, April 13, 2012

Your body is a pendulum

How often in your day do you hear people causally talk about intuition? "I knew it was you calling me..." or "I had a hunch to take a new route and I missed the traffic..." These kinds of observations are common, but did you know that you can access your brilliant intuition at will?

I work at an alternative health clinic where the practitioners often work energetically, asking the patient's body what the body needs. Sure, they consult x-rays, but prior to treatment  they may also use the body as a pendulum, holding the patient's feet in their hands and feeling for the body's response to "yes" and "no."

Can we ask our bodies these kinds of questions throughout the day? Absolutely. I'm familiar with using a crystal pendulum that hangs from a chain. If I hang it still and ask it to show me "yes," it swings back and forth. For "no," it makes a small circle.

But what about asking my body to show me "yes" and "no?" My immediate thought is that a smile is yes and a frown is no. Other reactions I should note may be images, like sunflowers mean yes, a tall glass of milk means no (I'm lactose intolerant!).

I can ask for aural cues: "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" runs through my head for yes, a somber, operatic "Kill the Wabbit" comes to me for no (all these examples are the first things to come to mind which is what you're looking for...even if they seem ridiculous).

Once you ask your body for these symbols and clues, pay attention to them as you go about your business, as you wonder about questions mundane and profound. Honor them as they appear and their effectiveness will strengthen. Of course, "Yes" and "No" are polarities...life isn't always black and white. So also ask for that neutral sign (a placid ocean surface is mine).

What kind of questions will you ask your body today?

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