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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reading the winner of the Grand National

The Grand National race was held over a week ago at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool. My husband, who’s English, suggested that we watch the replay online last night as it’s a race that "everyone watches" and it seemed like a fun thing to do. Just as the race was starting, I tried to intuit the name of the winning horse. It wasn’t the best environment for psychic work...my husband and son were chatting, the commentator was all a buzz and I had just eaten fried food and a beer at Parkside. I wasn’t really feeling “on” but I wanted to give it a shot.

I asked myself for the name of the winner. The first word to pop in my mind was “Poseidon,” as in the Greek god of the sea. I had seen a list of the horses’ names,and  I felt sure that there wasn’t a Poseidon in the race so I took it to mean a horse with “P” in its name. Although I felt attracted to a favored horse named Synchronised, and probably would’ve picked that horse if I weren’t relying on intuition, I knew that isn’t how my intuition works.

As the race progressed, Planet Sound was in the lead for a while. I knew there was an According to Pete running but I didn’t feel confident about either one. The race was eventually a photo finish between two horses: Sunnyhillboy and Neptune Collonges. Neptune Collonges won by a nose and of course, Neptune is the Roman name for Poseidon.

I think it’s interesting that the last time I tried this, as an exercise in a book on practicing intuition, the name of the horse I picked wasn’t correct, but had a similar theme to its name. I read the winner’s name as Crosstown Traffic but the winner was actually called Indian Path (the theme to me being “transportation” as I saw a roadway as I heard the name I intuited).

Tragically, According to Pete and Synchronised were put down due to falls during this most dramatic race. It was exciting to watch yet horrible to see so many falls. As for gambling, I think I’d prefer to have more experience with intuiting winners prior to a race is run before I ever consider placing a bet (the odds were 33-1 for Neptune Collonges).

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