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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kentucky Derby reading

A few weeks ago I recorded in my journal two readings I did to predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby. This race has some significance to my life in that my father was a huge horse racing fan and Derby day was a big event each year. Three years ago this month my dad passed away and this is the first year I’ve ever considered trying to pick the winner.

Without knowing the names of any of the contenders, my readings showed me a strange, partial star, perhaps a submerged or was it a rising star? The star image could be one of many things…not just relating to a name, but it could also point to a marking or symbolize the horse’s status. During my readings I got a flash of color that reminded me of one of my favorite stones, an amethyst.

When I went online to view the line up, I saw no horses with stars in their names. However, one horse in particular stood out to me due to the amethyst reading and because of the unusual star  logo on the jockey’s jacket: “Gemologist.” This horse could also be considered a “rising star” as he’s unbeaten in the last five races he’s run.

Even though I trust my intuition, and I think my interpretation is pretty good, I’m  still not placing any bets! Unlike my dad, I’m not big on gambling. I’ll be interested to see how the race turns out this afternoon and give a toast, mint Topo Chico in hand, to the memory of my father no matter who wins.

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