I offer intuitive life question readings based on three colours you chose whilst thinking of your question...I never know what your question is unless you want me to know! If you are considering baby names for a child or even a pet, I conduct a blind reading on each name and give you my impressions on that baby's personality. Using found materials, I create unique collage art based on my impressions. Please contact me for pricing or if you have any questions: three.colours.question at gmail dot com.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Leccion 3

In my readings, I intuit the past, present and future aspects of a life question based on three colours chosen by the client. I ask that the colours be chosen at random whilst the client is thinking of the life question. There have been clear favorites in the colours chosen. However, rarely have I done a reading with the colors of either white or black.

Are white and black even colours at all? It's really complex, but I included them in my list because they are so symbolic; I wanted to see what would arise if they were chosen. A great discussion of whether white and black are colours is in this blog post.

Since I haven't done a reading with black yet, I'm curious to do a reading with a question of my own using black as the prompt. I'll summarize the results and post the artwork later this week.

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