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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Present reading: Black!

When I read for someone's life question, I ask them to send me three colours chosen at random whilst thinking of the question. In my last post, I wondered why no one has selected black for the readings I do. I usually get the prettier colors; perhaps they are favorites, perhaps if someone selects black they have second thoughts...it is a "loaded" color, after all.

So I decided to read for myself and post the results. Above is the card I made based on a image I
received and partly based on an image I encountered later that day. My question was "What is going on with me now?" A pretty broad question, but I wanted to check in and see what reading the colour black would tell me. I also read for the present time frame and here is what I got:

"Present: (Black) I got a sense of struggling, of bones being out, that yoga was not helpful to me after my accident. Doing downward dog was a no-no! I got a clear impression of a black Jolly Roger-- pirates and poison-- but the impression was a positive one, that I have to 'steal back my health.' My foot needs attention, my arm is painful. When my body speaks to me I have to be more open to listening."

That day, as I was coming back from the specialist Chiropractor I also posted about, I was driving behind a motorcyclist with a Jolly Roger in green on his back fender. I was feeling optimistic about my arm getting better after treatment and saw the green Jolly Roger as a step in the right direction. I saw it as a life affirming Jolly Roger, if there is such a thing!

I think the card is striking. The skull image is something I picked up during SXSW this past year, the woman's face comes from a marketing piece from the Blanton Art Museum. I'll keep it nearby to remind me to be good to myself.

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