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Monday, October 1, 2012

Intuition on the spot

My class with Lois is over and I’ve loved learning new things (reading pet photographs) and practicing favorite ways to intuit energy (psychometry).  I’ve also dropped any kind of inhibition in talking about the class to the average person because I know every “normal” person out there is also intuitive and has had experience with accessing intuition, even if they don’t recognize that they can do it.

 Ever since I’ve started talking about it to more folks I’ve also been asked for impromptu readings. As in, someone will say, “So, what can you tell me about me?”

My first inclination is to decline…I really like to have some preparation before doing a reading. I prefer to wrap myself in my meditative security blanket, so to speak. But if I decline too often, I will miss real life opportunities for practice on random individuals who are actually giving me permission to access their energy fields.  I refuse to read people unawares (much to the chagrin of my son who wants the dirt on various strangers we pass on the street).

Lois tells the story of how she started by giving away readings to friends until friend of friends started contacting her for paid consultations. Perhaps what I should do is give these interested parties my handmade calling card and ask them to set up an appointment. I hope anyone serious enough about a reading would want to contact me.

There is a full moon tonight. What a wonderful time to step into a deeper relationship with intuition, to free myself of insecurities around giving readings on the spot.

Also, I drew the Ace of Hazards from my Zombie tarot deck…it’s the perfect card to meditate on for starting an emerging business. In this card, a severed but bejeweled hand rises up, initiating contact with the material world. I take it as a positive push in the right direction, even as my security blanket slips off my shoulder just a little bit.

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