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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I haven't had my hair this short for 20 years. I like the ease of it, I like the layers, I like not having to soak a towel just to dry my hair when I step out of the shower. When I mentioned cutting my hair to people, I got mixed reactions. Mostly people were positive (with the exception of a certain husband), but all were certain that I shouldn't colour it.

I've let my gray hair grow out for the past five years or so and although it puts me firmly in the "salt & pepper set" (as a bartender once put it when I asked if he needed my ID), I've come to really like it. I'm toying with putting in a strategically placed stripe of colour but I may just play with wearing different coloured barrettes and clips. I'm going to collage my own which will be a fun project. I foresee lots of red combinations.

Although I labored over the decision, I'm glad I let Ace from Birds Barbershop cut my hair...it was nice to hear the comments of the other stylists, one of whom said "It looks like you were always meant to have this haircut!" My son likes to tousle it and my husband appears to be tolerating it well enough. I feel lighter and am enjoying integrating the layers of my life right now.

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