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Monday, November 12, 2012

Countdown to 50

Ten days until my fiftieth birthday and today I chose the Queen of Pentacles, reversed. What a lovely woman to be inspired by as she is down-to-earth, nurturing, sensuous, warm and generous. All good qualities but reversed? Are these the qualities my subconscious aspires to embrace?

Gail Fairfield in “Choice Centered Tarot” says this of my upside-down Queen:

                “You know how to create and maintain the kind of personal security you want.
                You are centered within yourself and the upsets of life are unlikely to throw you
                off balance. This could also indicate that you have a well-developed talent or skill
                that you are not currently employing in your life.”

I do feel centered, more so than I did this time last year and especially the year prior. It’s been a long journey to center. It makes it easier to be more generous, feel more sensuous and open. I’m very happy with the way my creative life is unfolding.
I’m certainly still learning how to celebrate the union of intuition with art. Next week I take a class on creating an Auragraph which I’m sure will provide some fun blog entries, and give me a lot to think about as I aim not only to nurture and create for others but be kind and generous to myself.

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