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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I love this quote from Leonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

As I'm still in the process of downsizing and simplifying my life, I can't say enough about this website of Courtney Carver's called "Be More with Less" (access her articles here). She's an "aspiring minimalist" who has great tips for decluttering your belongings and setting yourself free of the crap keepsakes you've been accumilating over the decades of your life.

I've been meaning to cull my closet even further in my quest to own less...right now, I've got more than 33 items for sure, but her challenge is to live for three months with 33 items of clothing, shoes, and accessories (undies, workout clothes, PJs and lougewear excluded).

My biggest horde is my collection of jewelry. I don't wear it all but I have so many sentimental attachments to pieces that it feels like disrespect to disown several certain ones...pairs of earrings that were gifts, necklaces that go really well with one particuar type of neckline, earrings that I've had since college, that kind of thing.

I think it may be fun to blog about these pieces as I let them go-- tell their story and say adios. But getting the energy up to actually start this has been difficult.

It's easy to start with what to keep! Over the next week I promise to pick some jewelry to discard and write a post about them. Already I feel some regret, but the image of one clutter free jewelry box (I have a few now) makes me smile.

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