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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ears closed with nonsense

Today I was reading over some of my notes from last Sunday's workshop. Kate asked us to write what may be holding us back from communicating with animals, then write about why we think we can do it.

I opened my notebook, the "Cathedral of the Other Hand," and invited my animal guide Mitzie to help me answer. For the first part, "we" wrote: "There are people who may think you're weird or making it all up-- like writing stories."

That is a private fear of anyone doing intuitive work for the first time. "Is it just my imagination? Whose voice is that?! How can I tell this is real? You are such a freak!"

The annoying thing is, it's all "real" but it feels so ethereal. Dreams are probably the most true things that happen to us...uninhibited, unguarded personal films that are loading with meaning. Daydreams can be intuitive messages, but we grow up being reprimanded for falling into that state (I know I was at school all the time).

For the reason why animal communication can be done, "we" wrote: "Because you're open to talking to those others can't hear-- their ears are closed with nonsense."

It's exactly the "stop being such a dreamer!" kind of nonsense that dry up the intuitive wells in us. I think I'm immune to them now (at 50, I should bloody hope so). I look forward to my dreams, both asleep and awake. I love connecting the dots, exploring deeper meanings; its really why I enjoy poetry so much.

sweeping around
the cobwebs--
a poet's house murmurs
let it all be
embrace me

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