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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chakra ring

After I lost 30ish lbs last year I realized that my white gold, Celtic patterned wedding band was going be flung off and lost so I stopped wearing it. It felt strange not to have something on my left ring finger, so I tried wearing a costume jewelry ring I found while cleaning our son's room, like most of his "treasures" it was lying somewhere on the ground.
I was attracted to the ring because it was fairly simple but an extremely cool representation of the rainbow...or the chakra colours...it is a color wheel and its energy (for a piece of plastic) is very strong. I'm sure he just found it somewhere in his travels and was perfectly fine with allowing me to wear it.
Now I don my wedding band on my left thumb and this chakra color wheel graces my left ring finger (it's interesting how I get more compliments on this ring than I ever did with my wedding band). It really does pop and reminds me to remain in balance, meditating daily to keep each chakra glowing with similar intensities.
This month has been a challenging one for balance, but November is drawing to a close and I'm looking forward to extending my balancing act into December. I'll be blogging less but I hope to be creating more art. I'll be biking less but walking more dogs. Cooking more but vowing to eat less sugar. 

When I need a pick-me-up, I'll spin the colors on my ring until red is facing out. When I want to connect more intuitively, I'll spin it so violet is the main colour I see. When all the colours are visible I'll be silently asking my energy centers to work in alignment...too bad more wedding rings weren't like this!

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