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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never can say goodbye

Real smoky quartz earrings I wish I owned

Boy, I underestimated how difficult it would be to downsize my jewelry collection!

My goal is to have just a small box of pieces I really love and would be happy to wear every day. It was a pretty easy start, picking out the first round of winners. About twenty rings and necklaces and earrings I wear often were lovingly placed into a two tiered bone coloured box. I decided to hold them aside until the process was over and just wear the old, soon-to-be-discarded stuff as a way to say goodbye.

This morning I pulled out of my larger store of jewelry (dating from the 1970s) a pair of small multi-faceted faux smoky quartz globes that I really don't recall buying or receiving. As I threaded them through my lobes, I wondered when I last wore them. What was their story? Why were they discarded into the "old 'n' busted" box? They weren't real quartz but they looked pretty classic.

They fit perfectly well with my outfit. In fact, I thought they would really go well with so many of my clothes and it was exciting to find them again. I decided to put these in the keepers box before I go to bed tonight. <Sigh>.

Perhaps I should just face it that the "old 'n' busted" collection have already been sorted through and the real dogs have long ago been set free. It's going to take longer than expected, but I am dedicated  to paring it all down. Maybe I should rephrase that...I'm dedicated to the idea of paring it all down.

Should I seek out a pair of real smoky quartz earrings as I'm more interested in wearing quality pieces? Smoky quartz has calming, balancing properties which I can really use right now. Then again, if the polymer repros make me happy, why not hang on to them? Letting go of physical items feels good, but letting go of strict ideals is also liberating.

Okay, I've decided to say goodbye to the imitation quartz earrings. I just hope tomorrow's jewelry doesn't make me feel as conflicted or this will be a long process indeed.

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