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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pivotal year ahead


A newfound friend I met today announced that since my birthday falls within the timeframe of a solar eclipse, I should expect this to be a “pivotal year” for me.

I’m not that sure what that means astrologically, so I checked online and found this site that pretty much explains it. I especially like the affirmation “I release obsessive attitudes and open my heart to the needs of others.”

It’s so easy to discount the present and fall into obsessive thought patterns that feel good. I vow to spend tomorrow, my fiftieth birthday, not celebrating getting older but celebrating living in the present. Really being present to my family and friends is such a gift to them (and to myself).

Last night I drew the Knight of Wands and could feel the excitement of seeking pleasure radiating out of my skin. I possess this energy now and don’t want to curb his fun loving vibe, but to get obsessed with feeling good and partying and imagining awesome scenarios takes away from the simple satisfaction of enjoying each moment.

That said, I plan to celebrate. I hope to spend my last night as a forty-something year old listening to music, hooping, dancing and sipping whiskey!

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