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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grateful child

Thanksgiving 2011
We have a 13 year old son. He grew up as an only child with lots of books, an ark full of wooden animals, crayons, a trampoline and his imagination as playthings. He didn't have any kind of electronic game until he was six; in fact, he rarely watched TV so he was ignorant of whatever new and improved toys were vying for his attention.

He loved playing with found cast-offs and even specks of dust in a shaft of sunlight captured his attention (even today I find assorted knick knacks in his jeans pockets). We were always very considerate to each other around the house. We never gave anything without expecting a "thank you" and a "you're welcome." We practiced gratitude through volunteering, giving to homeless people and taking in strays were commonplace in our family.

This Thanksgiving I give thanks to having a grateful child. One to whom we have to ask repeatedly what he wants for his birthday or Christmas because he is happy with what he has. One who takes joy in creating birthday cards for friends and family and is truly appreciative for all the things that come his way. I wish I had that attitude growing up...I wanted so much more than my parents could provide.

I imagine the most useful traits we encouraged in him are his abilities to create and wonder. I don't think he'll ever be dissatisfied as long as he has access to a library, a notebook and a place to walk in the sun.

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