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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wanderer's Birthday Card

November birthdays in our family include my British sister-in-law's and for her birthday reading, I drew the Wanderer card from the Wildwood deck. Also known as The Fool, this card signifies the courage to let go, to enter into new possibilities.

It shows a person of indeterminate gender happily waltzing into the unknown. I feel that this year will bring some changes for her, and although it's not a good time to begin new ventures during the upcoming always fun period of Mercury in retrograde, she should consider all opportunities.

We all will be navigating a November full of communication challenges but let's look on the bright side: being optimistic helps us ride out the confusion. Appreciating the good in any situation may be the Fool's way of looking at life, but I think it's excellent advice for this coming month.

For instance, I had a customer service issue today that I diffused by focusing on the positive. The customer came back to me with gratitude that I convinced him to hang in there...it all worked out to everyone's benefit.  Although I had butterflies in my stomach about the situation whilst it was happening, I took the Fool's attitude of hoping for the best and it all turned out well.

I've also taken on the NaBloPoMo challenge of posting a blog entry every day for the month of November. I look forward to posting more on tarot, animal communication and how intuition helps me (mostly) every day and hope my SIL enjoys her birthday card (and whatever lies ahead).

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