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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Excited about the Shift?

Me and Lee, summer of 1988
When I was a National Park Service Ranger at George Washington’s Birthplace National Monument, I did a program that was in essence, a strip-tease, Colonial style.

My multi-layered costume was created by hand and fairly accurate for the mid-18th century Virginian outback. I assumed the persona of a well-to-do Colonial dame whose sidekick, or handmaiden, was kept nearby to provide comic relief to my discourse on each piece of clothing I discarded during my spiel. I would take off a piece and explained its significance then hand it to my wench in waiting (a fun and snarky co-worker named Lee Cotton).

It was a memorable way to interpret Colonial clothing and I really enjoyed the interaction of the crowd who may or may not have been disappointed to see that my program ended with me sporting my undergarment, or shift. I got to talk at length about the meaning of the word shift and include a flash or two of my garters that were basically ribbons tied below my knees to keep up my stockings.

So when I hear the word "shift", I recall the ever present garment that accompanied women and men from morning to night and the dark hours in between. Today I'm thinking of the expected shift in ages expected to occur next Friday. People are claiming a Golden Age will be ushered in; others fear the end of the world; most are wise to yet another apocalyptic warning and will be shrugging off the dawn as they do every morning. Even modern Mayans are pretty blasé about it all.

Thinking about this proposed shift, I asked my Zombie deck for advice on dealing with the energy of 12/21/12.  I figured this deck was the perfect place to look for inspiration and guidance for any antipated end-of-world scenario. I imagined such a huge event would need a Major Arcana card to provide meaning. Would I draw Death? The Hanged Man? Judgement?

I drew the Page of Swords…a minor court card that asks us to use our intellect to solve problems. Excellent! It’s not a matter for trepidation. Or even excitement. It’s something we need to look at rationally after researching the facts. We need to go boldly into the week with chins held high and be grateful we can grasp all sides of the story….the myths, the media hype, the mystery…of what is going to be another day that simply comes, shifts into night, and goes.

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