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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shelter animal auragraph

Annie's Auragraph

Annie is a Catahoula hound I met whilst working at the local no-kill shelter in town. She has the odd-coloured eyes of the breed; her left is blue and her right is brown. Thin but calm, Annie seemed to me a smart girl in a temporary place. I knew she'd be adopted soon and she was just days after I met her.

Prior to her adoption, I created a reading for her and the auragraph shown above. Her auragraph is in mandala style and is fairly simple but based on a tarot reading I did for her to get a sense of her past, present and future potential.

Using the Wildwood Tarot deck I pulled:

Past or Birthline card-- Five of Arrows “Frustration.”
Present card-- 11 “The Woodward” (or “Strength”)
Future Potential card--Seven of Arrows “Insecurity”

I had never read for an animal before, but the cards appeared to fit her situation. This is a brief sketch of the reading I did that informed my collage art:

"Annie's sense of frustration in early life is depicted in the Cosmos, or outer layer of the mandala, indicated by a fragmented layer of colours. I put her current calling...Strength...in the center with a representation of her as the brightest star...the sun (I coloured the eyes brown and blue). I got a message that she's a "Star Child on a journey..." so I added that as a stabilizing line at the bottom of the auragraph. Her future is uncertain (not sure if you can see the ?s around the sun) but I think she will always shine brightly, wherever she is."

I'm hoping to make more auragraphs for shelter animals as we can get a better idea of their spirit, challenges and potential. I spent part of today filming some of the long-stay dogs for Marketing, but I'm not entirely sure they'd post auragraphs on the dog's biography page. It might make for an interesting addition to brighten up their kennels, where life is so cold and monotonous (I'm sure the dogs would prefer some homemade treats over an auragraph for their walls so I made those today as well).

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