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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Serendipity in the urology waiting room

Waiting in a doctor’s office today, I was deeply engrossed in reading my new book. I arrived early and wanted to finish a chapter before being called back to have my bladder inspected.

Suddenly, the TV set volume came on after being off for the past several minutes during what looked like a very cheesy soap opera (“cheesy” was my first impression as the actor playing a priest was incredibly good looking but very stilted…then I remembered that one of the key characters in the film script I wrote years ago was a hunkadelic priest so I decided to cut him some slack).

As I was trying to read I heard the name “Dr. Brian Weiss” announced so immediately put down my book and slapped on my glasses to focus on the screen. Two other patients waiting noticed my interest and also glanced up to see what was up.

The program was called “The Talk” and Dr. Weiss was being interviewed by two women who had been hypnotized by him and regressed to past lives.  When I was an Event Coordinator at a local holistic conference center, I got to work with Dr. Weiss to help run his weekend event. I recall him being so low-key and mellow and just a joy to work with. No big ego, no obnoxious requests. As I was working, I didn’t get to participate in his seminar but it was highly regarded by everyone I spoke to afterwards.
On screen, his comforting persona shone through (that's him to the left) and although his segment lasted probably five minutes max, viewers got a sense that regression therapy was a valuable tool for helping people and that just being regressed once can make someone feel lighter and even euphoric. Every audience member got a copy of his newest book to take home. Do they do that so the viewer wants to run out and get one, too?

I guess that ploy works because when I got home, I was feeling eager for that euphoria myself (bladder checked out all clear). I put on my recording of Dr. Weiss’s “Regression Through the Mirrors of Time.” His soothing voice guided me deep into a garden where I could see mirrors reflecting myself through the ages.

I enjoy using this meditation to help gain insight to any problems I may be having. Today it brought me back to times when my mother’s parents were alive and memories I’ve wanted to relive on a deeper level. It felt great to come back to consciousness after such a sweet spell.

Now I'm really looking forward to the “I Can Do It!” conference in Austin this March 23-24. Dr. Weiss will be one of the featured speakers. I’m excited to be able to hear him live, along with some other amazing guests such as Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Doreen Virtue, Joe Vitale, Kris Carr, Nick Ortner (who teaches EFT which was brought up in my intuition class last night as a way a participant was able to heal herself)…lots of cool speakers and I’m sure to be hanging out with fun, like-minded participants.

For more info check out this link and maybe I’ll see you there!

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