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Friday, May 3, 2013

Wheat free is wonderful (but it’s fun to cheat!)

A couple months ago it appeared that my diet was standing still so I decided to get more serious about it and read  “Wheat Belly” byWilliam Davis, MD to help guide me. Intuitively, I knew that I felt better without wheat but I adore bread, pasta, crackers and all things carby so it has always been a struggle.
The “Wheat Belly Cookbook” was perfect for my replacement recipes and soon my best friend was a bag of ground flax. I made breads, tortilla, crackers and eliminated flour, potatoes along with other starches (except small amounts of quinoa, millet and wild rice). I grated courgettes into tender pasta shapes with a buttery, spicy cashew nut sauce. My weight fell off rather quickly and my energy zoomed. I am sleeping better and have more clarity.
But it’s not for everyone. I was talking to a woman I know named Marta today about her experience going wheat free and she felt, even after a year, that there was no difference for her. Significantly, she has other issues and this decision was not taken lightly. Marta is from Italy and I just had to ask her how she was going to manage while she was visiting later this month.
She confessed that she’ll be cheating.  I had to smile…the lure of freshly made pasta was on my mind today as we’re dining out at a local Italian restaurant for our anniversary.  I initially didn’t want to go, but this is one of my husband’s favorite bistros and the photo of Spaghetti alla Carbonara with a fresh egg yolk on top weakened my knees.
I may hate myself tomorrow morning but La Traviata's house made pasta will be relished strand by lovely strand. 

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