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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Choosing an energy stone for someone else

Whilst reading Client X's colors, it was clear to me that a black stone would benefit him. I immediately thought onyx, as that supports the root chakra, but it turned out that a much better stone was in the cards (so to speak-- I don't use cards in my intuitive work). I asked him to be on the lookout for onyx and to buy one if he found something that felt good to him. He lives in a big city so I thought it would be a fairly easy thing to find.

After Client X looked in vain for an onyx that wasn't a part of a necklace or ring, I decided to try our neighborhood crystal store. Yes, I live in that kind of neighborhood! They have an excellent selection of loose crystals. However, the only onyx were small heart shaped stones which wouldn't work for Client  X.

I brought my pendulum and tried it out on three stones that may help; one I had not heard of before. The pendulum was immobile on two of the stones, but on this new one, it took off in a very affirmative swaying motion. This was it! But, what was it?

It was Tiger Iron or Mugglestone: a combination of golden brown Tiger Eye, Hermatite and Red Jasper. It's excellent for creative types like Client X and works well on balancing the root chakra. Here is more on this lovely stone: Tiger Iron

I took it home and am cleansing it overnight with Himalayan salt and water. I look forward to hearing how this stone works for Client X. It's much better to find your own stones for energy work...but if this stone is a good match, I'll feel better about using my pendulum and intuition to find a new home for a stone.

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