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Monday, April 2, 2012

Gratitude for being present

Yesterday, I made it to my destination.

Two weeks ago yesterday, I was on my way to this same destination and met a slight bump in the road that led me to the ER. Flying downhill on my bike, not paying attention, I applied my brakes improperly, hit some crushed granite and hit the pavement .

The difference to yesterday and March 18th was that I was paying attention. I listened to my husband who explained how to properly brake (I’ve been riding this bike for years and just now learned how to best slow down). Sporting a new helmet, I gave myself more time, I took the hills more carefully, and had an enjoyable ride to Eastside Yoga to attend a meeting of the Plum Blossom sangha. As I passed the site of the accident, the thought crossed my mind that crushed granite isn’t the best material to have on the side of a busy street.

I was noticing more. I tried to be more present and the result was more fun for me, and a more meaningful experience with the sangha. The darhma talk was actually on how the group practiced being more present during the past week so I was doing my homework. Yay, synchronicity!

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