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Friday, June 22, 2012

Ah, summer!

My favorite times of year are summer and fall. I love all the light the longest day gives us and then, as temperatures fall, the winding down of daylight as we enter the winter months. We're naturally less active in the heat of summer (and in Austin, Texas it can be brutal) and my body aches to be by the ocean.

My parents were born in Connecticut but both loved Florida so much they honeymooned there, their first three children were born there and after a brief time away, moved our family there shortly after my younger sister was born. We made trips from Miami Beach to the Keys so dad and my older brother could go fishing. Those trips into what was then a much wilder environment gave me a strong appreciation for the Keys. I remember visiting funky bait houses before spending hours sitting in the surf, far away in my imagination, never wanting to leave.

My last visit to the Keys was on our honeymoon 16 years ago. In my memory there was a photograph of my dad behind the wheel of his convertible, turned around to look up to my mother who sat behind him for the shot. He looked roguish, peering through his Ray Bans. While we honeymooned in our convertible 44 years later, I captured a similar shot with my new husband. As chance would have it, I was able to find the old black and white snapshot and framed it with the picture I took. 

I think of this now as we plan our Key West vacation this summer, taking along our son and hoping for convertible friendly weather. Even if it rains we know that a few rainy days in the Keys is going to be more refreshing than three sunny days anywhere else. There is something magical about this most southern and colorful tip of Florida. It is more than picturesque; it is where you envision yourself during your longest days, whatever the season. 

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