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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Union Rags side of the story...

One of the most important lessons intuitives learn (by hard experience) happened to me yesterday when I did my Belmont Stakes reading: always talk about what you see and interpret in your reading...not just what you want to talk about...because you never know you're right until you're validated.

What I blogged about was the cool headless horseman Dullahan story, and I was pretty interested in how that horse would do. What I'm kicking myself about now is that I didn't mention how, when I first went down the roster, I saw that the name Union Rags was two opposite words similar to the juxtaposed name I got "Peaceful Commander" or Atigun (which I read as "Anti-Gun"). I liked that both had yellow silks which was the colour I clearly saw (Union Rags won and Atigun came in third).

Feeling that was too easy, I was quickly drawn in by Dullahan's green and yellow silks, and when I Googled his name, well, I was entranced. I was the headless one! I vow that the next time I blog about reading races to include everything I read and interpret, because afterwards it just sounds like sour grapes and it affects my integrity as an intuitive.

I was going to just let it go but I was inspired to write about it after getting this Tricycle Daily Dharma Quote in my in box this morning:

"People who are attached to sutras and a scriptural teaching of words can lack faith in the living, mysterious experience of meditation that leads to a sudden insight." - So Sahn

Mea culpa for being attached to a good story and not to my sudden insight.

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