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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Will it be Dullahan?

My morning reading for the winner of the Belmont Stakes included an image of a quiet yet commanding presence in black on horseback. The jacket colours I read were yellow and lime-green, or a combination. When I visited the Belmont Stakes official website and checked out the contenders, I immediately liked Dullahan, (due to the colours) but I didn’t know anything about the horse.

What does Dullahan mean, I wondered? My search came up with this webpage. It turns out a Dullahan is “Death’s Herald”: a headless horseman faery dressed in black. That fits the powerful image of the rider I saw in my reading, but I had more of a peaceful feeling than one of dread.

Then I read that Dullahan is a favorite to win now that I’ll Have Another was scratched due to injury. I will  be interested to see if my grim visage equals triumph, or if I was just tapping into the massive energy around the horse.

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