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Monday, November 19, 2012

Down time

I'm not one who gets sick very often so when I'm under the weather, I get confused. Today I felt normal except for what appeared to be a bad case of allergies. I couldn't stop sneezing and my sinus drip was getting me down. So I took my mold tincture and an antihistamine for later. I’m an optimist; things were bound to get better. However, on my bike ride to work my right ear popped.

Working in an office and being unable to hear out of one ear is disorienting. Then I started to feel nauseous. Might this really be the flu? My boss, the owner of the chiropractic clinic, worked on opening my sinuses. She adjusted my C5 to help open my right ear. She explained why my stomach was upset but I can’t recall what she said, I was in such a fog.

The voices from our waiting room felt several decibels too loud and I couldn’t follow the sweet old lady in front of me who needed to schedule an appointment. I eventually had to go home as my concentration weakened. Riding my bike felt difficult and not invigorating as usual, as I was a bit leery about my balance. When I got home I crawled under the covers and took a three hour nap. My nausea had lifted by the time I awoke, but my ear was still clogged.

Online, I read my first Auragraph lesson and wondered after how different it will be to take it in when I’m more able to focus. I couldn’t imagine trying to connect psychically at any point of the day. It has taken way too much effort to write this blog post, for instance…but I’m glad I took the time to write even though this post is dreadfully dull (sorry!).

I’m envisioning myself feeling healthy tomorrow when I wake up. Somehow, my ear will clear up and my confusion will lift after a good night’s sleep. Clarity and energy are elusive now but I cherish the fresh feeling of expansiveness I get when the fog finally lifts.

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