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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Standard day in the life of an intuitive

A woman I met at the KMFA wine tasting pointed to the poodle pin on my lapel and said, "I have one of those." I knew she didn't mean the pin, a '50s vintage piece I bought from a Salvation Army store in Boston around 1982. She told me the story of her Standard poodle who joined her family at the age of 8 months. She was a rescue pup who didn't have the Standard breed traits of fetching and love of water. 
She was raised in a mobile home with 30 other dogs. The woman said she appeared to be like an Old English sheepdog as her coat was overgrown and shaggy. What a strange and sad situation, but it's always great to hear how a poorly socialized dog can find a home with a loving family. She still had some trust issues, unable to be fed by the woman's husband, for instance.
I got the sense, as she was talking, that her dog was confused about her place in life from an early age and confidence in her abilities was never encouraged. Her strengths were never acknowledged. It was easy to just blend in, to be at the bottom of the pecking order in an overly huge pack. This kind of apathy is so damaging, especially to such an intelligent breed.
As an intuitive, I sensed these things, but to someone just chatting at a wine tasting, I felt a little uneasy about voicing my reading of the dog's situation. I supposed I could've just asked the woman if she wanted to hear my opinion as an intuitive (we are in Austin, after all!). I can sense when someone will be open to the subject of psychic readings; I just need to be a bit more confident...like her poodle...in my abilities.
I bought my bottle of wine and walked home. On my way, I saw a gentleman walking a perky, freshly groomed poodle and smiled at where they were on their path.

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