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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ban the can, man

One of my favorite old cookbooks is Campbell’s Cooking with Soup (undated but probably late 60s to early 70s). It has great titles for the recipes such as “Perritos Con Chile – For starving he-men” and “Sunbathers’ Special – Enjoy while you soak up the sun” complete with a list of foods to serve “When the Gals Meet.”
I bought it over 20 years ago for sentimental reasons…I grew up with Campbell soups and my mom used them often to stretch out meals for her six hungry kids.

However, I don’t cook with soup much anymore. I make my own soup (with the exception of my husband’s Heinz Tomato which amazing) and rarely buy canned food. So when I had leftover turkey gravy, mushrooms and chicken to dispense with tonight, I immediately thought of baked chicken with rice.
What does this have to do with intuition? Nothing much, except that eating whole foods as opposed to processed elevates our vibrations more. As it’s a rare cold, rainy day in Austin, I felt like cooking up a storm. In addition to baked chicken with rice (minus the condensed cream of mushroom soup) I roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, onions and garlic and whipped up some cashew nut butter.

But when my “he-man” son came home from school, he claimed to not be hungry. We’ll see…there is a chapter in the Campbell’s cookbook called “Teen Soups and Snacks.” Maybe if I call this dish “Chickety-Chick” he’ll change his mind…and be glad I didn’t inflict upon him the “Tomato Spice Cake!”

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